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Everyday - Masterpost
Title: Everyday
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: NC-17 (starting in part 5; PG-13 parts 1-4)
Word Count: 67,000
Warnings: Frottage, blowjobs, bareback. Innocence kink, quasi-ageplay since Kurt think he's 14.
Disclaimer: I don't own Fox or Glee, its characters, or its storylines. I also don't own York Preparatory School, The Foundry, the Empire State Building, or the city of New York. I might own Blaine's board shorts.

Summary: A few days after their 2nd wedding anniversary, Kurt is in an accident and falls into a coma. Blaine struggles with the decision to let him go, and the night before they're set to pull the plug, Kurt wakes up.

One problem: He thinks it's 2008 and that he is 14 years old. No New Directions, no Finn and Carole, and no Blaine.

Blaine helps Kurt try to remember his old life while they consider starting a new one.

A/N: Originally written for a GKM prompt. Countless thanks again to Neaf, Murphy, Aud, and Cimm.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

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YAY!!!! *bounce bounce* Thanks so much for this, and thanks again for writing such a beautiful, amazing story. I know I'll be re-reading it fairly often :)

Thanks for putting this story on your journal. I've been waiting for it to be complete because I enjoy stories so much better that way. It's a fuller experience and lets me immerse.

I'll come back and leave a comment when I finish the story. This is just to say thanks for posting this great master post and making it easy to read your intriguing tale.

I'm so thrilled you posted here, and I cannot wait to re-read this in chapters like's such an outstanding story!

I just got to the part where he wakes up, but I had to stop and calm down, I couldn't see the words through my shaking and tears. This is so beautiful!

"Every version of himself will always be in love with every version of Kurt, and that’s all there is to it."

Oh, this needs to be it's own story, all time-warpy and sci-fi!

I said it before and I shall say it again...

...I love this fic so damned much. I've started reading it aloud to my husband because I was crying at the beginning. Ugh, so perfect. I love it all. The way you wound us all up til the end was absolutely amazing.

Thank you so much for this. It really is absolutely stunning!! :)

That was lovely. I adored the emotions running through it. A truly beautiful and lovingly told romance. Just what it should be. A keeper that will definitely be a go-to to get those warm and fuzzy feelings back.

Thanks for taking the time to write such a sweet, emotionally satisfying story.

Ugh, I love this fic so much. I still can't read the first bit - with Kurt in hospital - without filling up and it's not like it's my first time reading, lol. Saving this to my memories. Thanks so much for posting it here. :)

How did I only just get round to reading this? I am writing this about half hour after finishing the last chapter (having read it straight through from the beginning), and I was sobbing.

I absolutely loved it. It was beautifully written and so well thought out and executed.

I kept wondering when (and then IF) Kurt would get his memories back, maybe he'd get them when they kissed? When they first had sex again? Maybe they'd just create new memories and be happy together like that.

And then, just like that, in that seemingly normal moment, he came back. And I guess what made it beautiful was that for all these life-changing moments they had shared before the accident, all these things that may have triggered him coming back, it was something so... everyday. And something I could see so clearly, and that happened an awful lot, Blaine forgetting something and Kurt having to call him back to get them. And that's what made Kurt get back his own thing he'd forgotten.

Thank you for writing this - Adding it to my memories.

(Deleted comment)
Utterly beautiful fic. Heartbreaking at first and sometimes hilarious, sometimes touching. That´s what makes it great fic. And Kurt was sooo adorable! Not mentioning Blaine´s sweetness.

A very enjoyable read with Kurt and Blaine falling in love with each other all over again. From the sweetness to the sadness, you had me captured.

This was as inspiring as it was heartbreaking. Blaine's commitment to be whatever Kurt needed him to be no matter how hard was painful and beautiful. Kurt's determination to remember his past with Blaine was overshadowed only by his desire to have a future with Blaine whether the memories come back or not. I love how trust and connection between them was so implicit and instinctive and that at whatever turn, they chose to choose each other no matter what the dictates of their reason or logic may have been. :)

So glad to see a masterpost, because this was so so good. The emotions and the love and the determination that the two of them would always always be each other's. Klaine are endgame because they will never not try for one another, but what slayed me was the unsaid -- Blaine's restraint when faced with a Kurt he knew yet didn't, and how it was the simple yet magical first meeting that triggered everything flooding back... "I'm new here."

I finally found time, poked by punkkitten, to read this story, and OMG the amount of endorphins in my blood right now is insane!!! It's lovely, so SO lovely! I first cried, and then kept swooning all along. I can't thank you enough for this beautiful story and making the last two days of reading SO GOOD. I'm officially a fan, and I'll be definitely rereading when I need a pick-me-up.


This is an absolut wonderful story. Especially the beginning had me sobbing, the two times I read it (on the GKM and then later here). But that made the ending so much more satisfying.

I loved how you made them fall in love all over again and then in the end Kurt remembered and I totally saw that as a call back to their first meeting.

Anyway this will be in my list of stories-to-reread-often (I hope I get over those tears in the first chapter *g*)

Btw, I was very inspired during reading and I just had to make some art for the story:

I hope you like it.

That graphic is LOVELY. Do you mind if I post it to my tumblr with a link back to you?

I don't mind. Glad you liked it. *g*

I've posted it to my lj, could you link back there:

This fic is amazing on so many levels. There were moments where I cried, when I laughed and just wanted to curl up into a ball and also wanted to bounce round the house with complete and utter glee.
The characterisation was wonderful, I utterly adore your writing style, and it felt so real and tangible I just want it to be made into a movie, like, yesterday.

Thank you so much for creating this wonderful work. It's reasons like this that I love this fandom. <3

Absolutely beautiful

I regret that I don't have the words to give an adequate review. This fic is amazing. I sobbed and sobbed at Blaine's train of thought through those agonizing weeks at the hospital, and then again as they found their way back to each other.

I'm on C2 and loving it :D
But, hold on, if it's 2021.. wouldn't they have been together for just over 10 years, not 9 years as you said ??

I keep finding myself reading parts of this story. It's just so...I can't even find the right words. Just thank you for writing this.

I laughed, I cried, I loved

This is the best Glee fic I have ever read, and quite probably the best one I will ever read.

OMG! This gave me so many FEELINGS! (I'm pointing, too, so you'll know I'm serious :D) I could do a complete breakdown, but it would end up being longer than the fic. Suffice it to say, I cried, I smiled, I giggled, and I wibbled, multiple times and sometimes at the same time. This was such a lovely fic, and I'm so glad I finally took the time to read it. Thank you so much for sharing, I look forward to rereading this and reading more of your work in the future.

This story was beautifully written, I almost cried. I thought it was going to be cliche, but it was far from it. As I read, I was internally hoping this moment or that moment would be the one that Kurt remembered something.I love the dedication Blaine had to make Kurt fall in love with him again and how Kurt wasn't to ashamed to do things like stare and oggle. It was perfect when he finally remembered, not just because of the make up afterwards either.

SOBBING. I am sobbing, this was so good!!!

This was so amazing. I stayed up until 1:30 am last night to finish reading!

User fuckingblainers referenced to your post from Everyday saying: [...] Title: Everyday [...]

So I ran across the fic on a rec site and dove in.

I am now dead. This fic had me laughing and crying and rushing out to kiss my husband with relief. It's exactly what I needed. Fantastic job and thank you for writing it.

I'm so glad I finally got a change to sit and read this, because it really was a lovely, moving, and powerful as folks described.

Definitely one of my new favorites, and one I will still be processing and enjoying for the next few days. :-)

I've been avoiding this fill mainly because I didn't want to see Blaine, and Kurt for that matter, go through that type of angst, but I'm glad that I finally did. It was beautiful and lovely and OMG, all the feels I have for this cannot be conveyed with words...Brilliant fic. :D!!!

(Deleted comment)
This is one of the most wonderful fic I've ever read. *__*
I'm totally in love with it, and never tired of read it again!

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Oh my god. This is so amazing and well written and I have no idea why I waited so long to read this, but man, am I happy that I eventually cracked and read this. Because it is SO SO SO good. So amazing. And so well written. And the entire time I was just waiting for Blaine to break down, and those 2 break downs we had made me to sad but so happy (because it just makes it so much more realistic). And I just really love this fic. 4 for you, Glenn Coco!!

I stopped reading this fic in the last part, stupidly, months aGo. I remember exactly where i left off ("Excuse me.") and looked this fic up tonight and finished it and amin tears and rhank you for such a beautiful fic. I am so happy to have read it!

Oh. My. God. Perfect. The entire story was perfect. xx

This story is amazing. I stayed up till 2am reading for as long as possible then finished the rest today. It is so beautiful and sad and wonderful all at the same time. I love the moment when Kurt regains his memories - That frozen moment on the stairs where Kurt only has to say Blaine's name and they both know what's going on. I really like that the Kurt who lost his memory wasn't a separate person from old Kurt. I've read another memory loss fic and there was such tension between who the person that lost their memory was and is now that their memories are gone. It was a tad too angsty for me, but your fic was great. Kurt was still Kurt. I loved Blaine thought about how every version of himself will love every version of Kurt. And the line about how he got to make Kurt Hummel fall in love with him again. sigh. so many good moments. I think I want to use the idea of saying "everyday for the rest of our lives" instead of saying "till death do us part" or "as long as we both shall live" whenever i get married. Both those sayings sound kind of sad and ominous but yours is just happy and joyful.

I am definitely favoriting this story.

Additional question(s): Are you on tublr? And are there any other bits to this story? Quick peeks down the road to see them with their baby? or looks back at their wedding, etc?

I loooooove this. it's been awhile since I read it and I don't think I read it here. it may have been on tumblr or uh scarvesandcoffee, but i'm not sure. anywayyyy, i think it might just be time for a re-read

So angsty and sweet~ It was so sweet to see how Kurt just fell in love with Blaine all over again and the quasi ageplay was quite hot haha
I feared a bit that Kurt would never remember at all which would've been so bittersweet so I'm really glad he did in the end and they're making babies with Rachel LOL and having their happy ever after :)

So I just reread this story for the first time. I read it once three years ago, and for some reason I never came around to rereading the greats. But the other day I decided that I really wanted to read some good, classic Klaine fic and see if it still lives up to the hype; I wanted to see if I love it just as much now as I did years ago.

The answer? I think I love this story more NOW than I ever did before. Maybe because reading it now was like reading it for the first time; I knew the beginning and the end, but I didn't know the journey. Every twist and turn along the way felt new to me!

This is such a fantastically written story. It's sad and scary and funny and heartbreaking and joyous. You really captured all the pain and heartache that Blaine was feeling, and being able to see how the accident changed him was so remarkable. We were able to see his silly self, but it was so obvious that he had to rein in some of who he was for fear of scaring or intimidating Kurt. And he was so in tune to how Kurt felt that he just automatically *knew* how to best help Kurt.

And KURT. My goddd! He was so fantastically written. I loved watching as he aged from that 14 year old in the hospital to someone a bit more mature, but still unsure of his past. And when he did get his memory back, to see who Kurt was and how he was different than the *other* Kurt was portrayed was so BEAUTIFUL. There really was a character difference between KURT and the Kurt who lost his memory. Their reunion scene is so joyous and lovely and bittersweet in a way.

I cannot express how happy I a to have come back to this story years later and read it again. It's absolutely 10x better than I ever remember it being. I always liked this story, but now I can definitely say that I love it. It's so great reading it after Glee has ended and remembering what an amazing relationship Kurt and Blaine have.

GREAT JOB. You wrote such a fantastic story. And I mean *wrote*! You are an amazing writer. You really do have a way with words.

I hope you are having a great weekend! Thank you for writing such a fantastic story, and for keeping it up all these years!!

Hello! Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you what an amazing story this was. Beautifully written and moving. Loved it so much, thanks for sharing!

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