October 9th, 2012

Jitters - Masterpost

Title: Jitters
Author: whatiknew
Artist: pencilpushingenthusiast (Tumblr)
Betas: cimmeriansmybriefeternity
Word Count: 29,600
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Blaine/Kurt. Blink and you'll miss it references to past Blaine/Jeremiah, past Blaine/Sebastian, past Blaine/OMC. Santana, Tina, Rachel, Mike.
Warnings: None
Summary: Blaine Anderson gets up at 5am every day to serve coffee with Santana Lopez. And that is the easiest part of his day. As he starts his sophomore year at NYU, Blaine tries to navigate his inevitable conquering of Tisch while figuring out how to talk to the beautiful boy who's started frequenting the coffee shop. There might be dragons involved.
Disclaimer: All errors in the college theater casting process, the name "Jitters" and the color name "Electric Carrot" are my inventions. Everything you recognize belongs to someone else. I make no money from this and in fact spent quite a bit holing up in the coffee shop near my apartment when I was having issues writing.

A/N: Countless thanks to my betas, both those who agreed to it from the start (Cimm) and everyone I wrangled into it later (Jenny and Aud), as well as everyone who just dealt with my yelling at them during the writing process (Lauren and Murphy). This almost didn't happen four different times and it's completely different than the prompt I signed up with. Special thanks to Lucie for her accommodation and sadistic liking of my posts and Cimm, who talked me through the terror of writing the next thing after you've written The Thing and the anxiety that entails. CB, thank you for drawing something that made me excited to keep writing and going above and beyond with your interludes. And for not drawing Blaine's ass smaller like you wanted to. 

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